Student Led Conferences

This page contains important information about Student Led Conferences including a link to Pick-a-Time.

Student Led Conferences
You will have a designated time to meet with your child’s team teachers.  You can access your child’s exploratory teachers either before or after the team time.  The conferences with exploratory teachers will remain as they have been in the past.  Your child should be able to demonstrate or show what they have learned in those exploratory classes.  
When you arrive in the team areas, the team teachers will be in one of two open classrooms.  There will be a folder with your child’s name on it.  Take the folder and enter either room.  You will be expected to move through both classrooms to complete the conference.  One room will house two content area activities that your child will be expected to explain to you and/or demonstrate for you.  Those content teachers will be in the room and will be expected to touch base with you regarding your child’s growth and development.
The other room will house the other team teachers.  Your child will be expected to take you through the materials in the folder that will include artifacts from the year.  These artifacts should not be daily or weekly work, but rather assignments that have more weight to them and connect your child’s learning to the outcomes of the content class.  In addition, your child will complete a self-reflection card that will help your child to identify what he or she does well and what he or she may need to focus on for the remainder of the year.  

These are still student-led conferences.  The child is expected to be able to walk parents/ guardians through the materials at the conference.  All teachers are expected to touch base with each student and their parents/guardians.  Due to the number of students we have at Beadle, this will likely be a short conversation but should be a valuable part of the conference experience. 

Dates for Student Led Conferences

February 6
 4:00 - 8:00
February 10

 4:00 - 8:00