Clubs & Activities

Clubs and activities are open to all students that fall within the grade level requirements.  The club structure is flexible and allows for the addition and deletion of curricular related organizations as dictated by student interest.  Below is a list of clubs and activities along with a description of each of them.  Sign-ups will occur in the fall and as new clubs are created.

Click the name of the Club to go the webpage for that club. Not all clubs have a webpage.

Club Sponsor Description
Art Club Mrs. Real 6th7th8th
This is a club open to 6  7, 8th grade students at Beadle interested in the arts!  Each month we meet together to work on all school mural or sculpture.   If you miss you can come to the next one.  This is for students who want to work together to create art! 

Art for the Cause Mrs. Real 7th and 8th
This club is for those who want to do good for community using their artist talents! This year we will be making mini paintings on easels. You will create 5 mini paintings in a fun creative way.  In December we will meet in the evening to give away our paintings to an assisted living or retirement home. (Date, time, and where will be determined later.) More information will be given out later at the meetings.  You do not have to attend all meetings.   This is a great opportunity to give of your time and talents!!!
Asset Team Ms. Diurba 6th7th & 8th
The Asset Team is a community service club that works toward providing services and items to local charities and organizations.  We are looking for students who enjoy working with others with the goal of serving both the Beadle and Millard community.  Past projects have included Project Wee Care, Thanksgiving Food Baskets, Spirit Week, and Penny Wars.  Please bring your creative ideas and generosity to help us make a positive impact on the world around us!
Grade Level Counselors, Brian Cleary, Ann Rowe and Sarah Burch
6th7th & 8th
This is a leadership group open to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Students will have the opportunity to come into the ACP (Alternative Curriculum Program) classrooms, where all students will have the opportunity to build new relationships and work with their peers. This is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends, promote acceptance, and to become a great advocate for all students at BMS. This opportunity will occur during GSP (usually once a week for one hexter) and possibly as an elective class for some 7th/8th graders. Note: during school activity.
Book Club Mrs. Betts
Ms. Kowskie
6th7th & 8th
If you are a book lover, this is the club for you! We read, have snacks, and share ideas about books. Find out what your peers are reading, and hear their recommendations about good books and authors. Drop in occasionally or stay all year!
Chess Club Mr. Sukraw 6th7th & 8th
No experience necessary for this club! Beginners are more than welcome. We will learn how to play chess and improve our chess playing skills. Our club will meet once a week. Later in the year we will participate in district and state tournaments.
Craft Club

 MIss Chamberlain 6th7th,& 8th
Craft Club is the place for anyone who would like to develop their creativity by making crafts.  Do you like to decorate everyday objects with ribbon, buttons, rhinestones or paint?  Do you like to construct things out of scrapbook paper?  Are you constantly on Pinterest looking for ideas of things to create?  Would you like to learn how?  In Craft Club we will make 4 make and take projects throughout the year. There is a fee that will go toward the cost of purchasing materials such as, chipboard letters, frames, rhinestones, felt, ribbon, flowers, stickers, glue, etc. Tentative crafts for this year include a Felt Pennant Garland, Decorated Chipboard Letter/ Frame, Ric Rac Ring & Pinwheel Bouquet.  
Cross Country Club Mrs. O’Mara
Mrs. Anderson
6th7th & 8th
The Cross Country Club welcomes everyone! Have fun while learning a new sport, proper training techniques, and how to set goals. During the season, the club will train together two to three times a week and will participate in two or three Cross Country meets. This is a great way to explore this as a possible sport for high school.
Debate Club Mrs. Morrison 6th7th & 8th
BMS Debate & Mock Trial Club is designed to teach students basic trial processes, judicial resolution of disputes and the development of oral advocacy skills. This club is designed to achieve the following:
~ increase proficiency in basic skills such as listening, speaking, reading, reasoning, and formulating
an effective persuasive argument.
~ enhance understanding of the law and constitutional issues.
~ promote cooperation and healthy competition
~ provide hands-on experience from which you will have the opportunity to listen to legal and community leaders and participate in mini-mock trial competitions.
Drama Club Ms. Chamberlain
Mrs. Staber
6th7th & 8th
The Drama Club will perform one or two plays during the school year. If you love to be on stage or are interested in working behind the scenes, we would love to have you. We will also be attending professional performances and work on acting skills through improvisation.
Environmental Club Mr. Koebel 6th7th & 8th
Environmental Club is a club for you if you are interested in planning activities for our school that promote the environment. The opportunities with this club are numerous. Come with your great ideas and be ready to kick-off Environmental Club at Beadle!
FCS Club Mrs. Anderson 6th7th & 8th
You will meet once a month after school to make a recipe or craft project. If you like to spend time with friends while you learn to cook or sew, then you will want to join the FCS Club!
Fitness Club Mrs. Kowskie
Ms. Thurber
6th7th & 8th
Fitness can be fun! From scooter racing to zumba, together we will explore many ways to stay in shape. It is an opportunity to better your body while having a blast! Come join us for fun and fitness!
Future Educators Club Mrs. Betts
Mrs. Little
6th7th & 8th
Come join Future Educators club if you are interested in being a teacher. This is a club where you will teach lessons, learn how to teach and what planning goes into teaching. We are looking forward to a great year with great teachers! 
(Helping Us Learn Kindness)
Mr. Cleary
Mrs. Rowe
Ms. Burch
6th7th & 8th
The HULK Club is designed to be an inclusive club for students with and without disabilities. This club will allow all students, regardless of their abilities, to participate in activities and events together. Students will be able to take a leadership role in planning the activities and events for the club, as well as being leaders every day at Beadle by promoting the acceptance of their peers with and without disabilities. Members of the club will also have the opportunity to plan and implement the disability awareness day at Beadle in the spring. Note: after school club.


Ms. Robertson 6th7th & 8th
All students meet Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 7:00 - 7:30 a.m, September through April in the Fitness Center. Students should arrive in the Commons by 6:55 a.m. dressed to move.

Science Club Mrs. Morrison 6th7th & 8th
We build scientific toys, compete in Junk Wars with each other, do activities related to science concepts learned in classes, and a dissection at the end of the year with students who have participated all year in science club.
Stock Market Club Mrs. Morrison 6th7th and 8th
Stock Market Club meets during the first semester for 11 consecutive weeks. The Nebraska Economic Council sponsors a virtual stock market game where students compete with other middle schools throughout Nebraska. Stock Market club works for students by appealing to their desire to gain financial independence and to experience a little competition.
Student Council Mrs. Little
Mrs. Feik
6th7th & 8th
Do you want to be a leader at BMS?  Do you want to help promote school activities?  Do you want to help make decisions about the future of Beadle?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Student Council is the club for you!  The Beadle Student Council is open to all students.  We will meet monthly to plan events and activities.  Some examples include dances, assemblies, community service projects, and many more!
Top Dawgs Grade Level Counselor Top Dawgs 7th Grade
This is leadership group open to all 7th graders. Students apply and are chosen by teachers to represent Beadle Middle School during elementary visits in the spring, Jump Start in May (when 5th graders visit BMS), Orientation in August, and as mentors during 1st Hexter Bulldog Block of their 8th grade year.
Wits Clash/Knowledge Masters Mrs. Hahn 6th, 7th & 8th
Wits Clash & Knowledge Masters is a club meant to help you use and expand your knowledge. We practice and compete against other middle schools in academic competitions. Come join us and expand
your knowledge!
Writing Club Miss Buelt 6th7th & 8th
If you are a creative thinker, love telling stories, and appreciate the power of words, come to Writing Club! We will practice our creative writing through fun story writing, journaling, interviewing, poetry, and more. You may even get a story published! Come and discover all that your pen has to offer. 
Yearbook Mrs. Dickson 6th7th & 8th
Here's your chance to make history by publishing the Beadle Middle School yearbook! Whether you like to write, interview people, be a creative page designer or do all three, this is the club for you. Help record history by creating a yearbook that represents our school!
Youth to Youth Miss Herbolsheimer
Mrs. O’Mara
Mrs. Chlopek

6th7th & 8th
Youth to Youth is a drug free club to promote a healthy drug, tobacco and alcohol free lifestyle. We take monthly trips such as ice skating, movies, bowling, etc. to show you how to have fun without drugs and alcohol. We also have periodic informational meetings to learn of specific dangers of using drugs, alcohol and tobacco. If you are someone who wants to have fun and learn why it’s important to stay drug free than this is the club for you!

Club Sponsor Description
Jazz Band Mrs. Lindquist 7th and 8th Grade
In Jazz Band you will be given the opportunity to perform a variety of music, primarily jazz. Students currently enrolled in band or orchestra may audition for Jazz Band at the beginning of the new school year. Jazz Band performs numerous concerts and special engagements throughout the year. Rehearsal are on Monday and Thursday mornings at 7:00 a.m. See Mrs. Lindquist if you are interested in being a member of Jazz Band.
Musical Mr. Engstrom
Show Choir Mr. Engstrom 7th & 8th
Show Choir is an auditioned group of seventh and eighth grade students who love to sing and dance.  Show Choir will meet before school two mornings a week and lasts the entire school year.  The group will perform at most school concerts and a few other engagements.  Auditions will be held in the fall for the current school year.  Members will be asked to purchase a Show Choir outfit.  Students must be signed up for Choir during the school day to audition.  If you like to sing and want to have fun, audition for the Show Choir!